Our goal is to provide teens with programs on campus in a safe and engaging space for young people to be themselves. We provide opportunities for teens to engage with other teens, adults and make an impact on their community. Each center provides interest-based activities that are geared toward developing positive relationships and giving young people the assets they need to be successful in life.

After a full day of school, young people need a chance to choose what they want to do including:

Academic Support

To support with homework and making real world connections.

Interest-Based Enrichment

Activities that are designed based on the interests of the group and promote a healthy lifestyle. Whether its video games, sports, media production, community service, or engineering, our enrichments are diverse, unique and engaging.

Fun with Friends

Time to play, have fun, create, make, and innovate – all the greats of being with other teens.

Life & Career Exploration

Teens will be introduced to various career opportunities through field trips, guest speakers and career fairs. Teens will visit college campuses throughout California.

Specialized Enrichment

VPX: Virtual / Physical X-Over

Our uniquely designed VPX curriculum encourages teens to create their own balance through a blend of virtual and physical activities based on their interest in video games and media production. Teens will engage with a healthy mix of STEM, Sports, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Learning Outcomes:

Building 21st Century Skills
Critical Thinking
Healthy Balance


Interested in bringing program to your school? For more information about our teen programs please contact teens@cdicdc.org.