How Local Grants Help Restore Access to Preschool Programs


Picture: Video of Preschool

“Research shows that preschool is important. But research also shows that poor quality (preschool) is a detriment,” said Rachel Champagne, program director for Child Development, Inc., which provides preschool programs in Oxnard, Rio, Hueneme, Fillmore and Ventura districts.

On Wednesday morning, Champagne stood inside a preschool classroom at Oxnard’s Rio Del Norte School — one of the programs local officials say is a model.

Students sat in small groups. One group read a book with a teacher, another cut shapes out of paper. The room was full of activities, from a puppet theater to outdoor reading center.

It’s not just preparing 4-year-olds for kindergarten, Champagne said. Providing families with high-quality preschool also helps sustain the workforce and economy, she said.

“We’re supporting the workforce on both ends — the current workforce and our future workforce,” she said.

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