March 26, 2020

Learn how you can support Continuing Development Inc. & our families

With over 40 years of experience in providing nonprofit experience in childcare services, on July of 2019, Continuing Development Inc. completed the evolution of the organization to become a full-fledged non-profit organization, which is built around providing crucial family care support for the communities we serve. Since that time, the organization has begun the journey of discovery to determine exactly what it means to be a fully integrated non-profit agency.  

One aspect to this new status is understanding how to engage in meaningful fund development, as we adapt to a fiscal reality that depends on a combination of support from the State of California as well as from generous donors who wish to see the organization succeed in its mission to support our communities with this critical service. 

With the arrival of coronavirus, or COVID-19, those discussions have become very relevant, very quickly. We’re now creating an opportunity for our supporters and community members to contribute to our mission of providing ongoing support to our communities as we continue to operate our centers to ensure our first responders and other essential workers have the family care they require. 

As we continue to navigate these uncertain and difficult times, it’s important we provide our families with a sense of continuity as well for our children and staff while continuing to follow adequate social distancing guidelines as advised by the Centers for Disease Control. 

If you’d like to make a donation to our organization to support our talented teachers, or our food and nutrition programs, or to help offset costs for those in need of childcare, please visit:

Covid-19 updates and updated lists of our open centers can be found here.