With over 40 years of experience in providing nonprofit experience in childcare services, in July 2019, Continuing Development Inc. completed the evolution of the organization to become a full-fledged non-profit organization. Our agency was built on the basis of providing crucial family care support for the communities we serve. Since July, we have been on the journey of discovery to determine exactly what it means to be a fully integrated non-profit agency.  

As part of this new status we have been working to understand how to engage in meaningful fund development. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, discussions around fund development have become very relevant, very quickly. Since our origins as an organization, we have been committed to providing childcare that fit the community’s needs. In an effort to further support our communities and families, we’ve developed an opportunity for our supporters to contribute to our mission of providing ongoing child-care services to our communities in this time of need. 

It is our mission to enrich children’s lives through quality, accredited child development programs that reflect our commitment to developmentally appropriate practices. Through your generous donations, we will be able to provide ongoing support to community members who are risking their own health to support essential services during this time.  

As a non-profit, we reinvest all net income back into our programs.  Reinvestment can include but is not limited to staff compensation and benefits, updated materials and supplies, updated facilities, staff development, as well as for rainy day fund purposes. 

Our programs strive to be supportive of the family, including; parents who are in school, foster families, homeless families, and those working or seeking employment. Your generosity will go directly into supporting local families in need of safe, accredited and stable child care for those serving in positions of most importance during this time.

Continuing Development Inc. is a non-profit status 501c3 within the state of California. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Your donation can go further with company matching gifts. Many companies encourage employees to donate to their favorite charities by matching their contributions, in some cases dollar-for-dollar or more. You can request a matching gift form from your HR department, then simply designate Continuing Development Inc. as the recipient. Every gift is tax-deductible and the donor will receive an acknowledgement of his/her donation.