How has COVID-19 impacted CDI?

Please visit here for all COVID-19 communications and updates.


As of July 1, 2019, Child Development Centers (CDC) and Continuing Development Inc. (CDI) merged into a single nonprofit organization. Child Development Centers remains the name of our centers with CDI as the operating corporationThis merger allows us to streamline operations, while staying true to our mission and philosophies.  

How Can I Register for the 2019 School Year?

You can register for Before/After School Programs at your local center. For locations, please visit here.

What is the registration process?

For private pay families there is a tour/walkthrough of the program. The Parent Registration Agreement, Parent Handbook and tuition policies then have to be signed by the parent. In addition, there is a registration fee.

What are your registration discounts/offers/giveaways?

Register for the 2019/2020 school year now for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Click here for details.


August 19 (Center, Cupertino, Menifee, Natomas, Tracy, Lammersville, Savanna, and Dixon)

August 26 (Elk Grove Traditional, Elk Grove Modified Traditional, Elk Grove Year-round Track A, Fairfield, Rocklin, Cupertino, Redwood City, Oak Grove, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Menifee, Riverside, Tustin, Morgan Hill, and Modesto)

September 9 (Newport-Mesa, Ocean View, Davis, Irvine Traditional only, Woodland, Redwood City, Oxnard/Ventura, Lake Tahoe, Knott, Figueroa, and South Bay)

Refer-A-Friend to our programs and receive $60 off tuition when you refer on or before December 31st. Click HERE to learn more! Private families only.

Do you offer tours of your centers?

Yes, you can book tours through each center’s webpage. Find locations here.

How can I register for Summer Camp?

Please visit here for Summer Camp registration and information.

What are the ages for Summer Camp?

Our summer camps are for school age children only. Check with your local center for age limits.

Is each week of Summer Camp different?

Learn more about our weekly themes for summer camp here.

What is the schedule for Kindergarten Enrichment?

To see what typically happens throughout the day click on Kindergarten section. For specific times, please contact a center in your area.

What is the schedule for preschool children?

To see what typically happens throughout the day click on Preschool section. For specific times, please contact a center in your area.

Do you have flexible schedules?

Yes, we have 2-3 day or 4-5 day schedules available.

How to qualify for NEW subsidized care?

Families fill out a “waitlist” application then once a family is next for enrollment the family must submit additional documentation:

  1. Family income information
  2. Family need status (working, going to school, etc.)
  3. Documentation of family size (children birth certificates, anything showing relationship of child to enrolling parent)
  4. Documentation family resides in California

How do I apply for subsidized care?

If families are interested in subsidized care they must fill out the Subsidized Eligibility Application. Please find a center in your area and submit the application to the center your child will be attending.

Eligibility application for child care assistance

Solicitud de elegibilidad para asistencia de cuidado infantil

Do we offer tuition assistance?

Yes, we have a scholarship that parents can apply for if they meet the income requirements. Subsidy is granted by the state for qualifying families.

How do you check on application status?

Please check your status with the center you turned in the application to.

What are the ages you serve?

We serve children birth through 12 years of age. We have infant/toddler programs in select locations. Please contact a center in your area for the ages they serve.

Are your centers licensed?

All of our CDI/CDC programs are licensed. Read more

How much does it cost if I enroll my child part time (not all 5 days of the week)?

We have flexible options depending on locations. Please contact a center in your area to request a rate sheet.

If I enroll 2 or more children, do I get a discount? How much is the discount?

Yes, we have a discount structure with the siblings receiving a 10% discount.

Is online payment available?

Online payments available for current parents already enrolled. Please visit our Parent Portal Here.

Is online registration available?

Please contact a center in your area for registration. Due to varying family needs, we need to enroll in-person.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours vary per center, but we do have extended hours in the mornings and evenings. Please contact a center in your area for hours.

Do you accept infants and toddlers?

Yes, we have infant/toddler programs in select locations throughout the state. Please contact a center in your area for the ages they serve.

How much does it cost if I enroll my child at your CDC center?

This varies based on the tuition plan and the schedule you choose. There is a registration fee when you enroll. Please contact a center in your area to request a rate sheet.

Is the tuition cost standard across the board?

Costs are based on the school districts where the child attends and all the various components used to calculate the tuition rate. The pricing is pretty standard within the same school district.

What should my child or I expect our first week at CDC?

What you and your child experience the first week at CDC will vary slightly from center to center depending on your child’s age and the unique culture of the program. In all of our centers, children will have opportunities to make new friends and develop relationships with caring adults. They will spend time exploring the center’s environment, and will be exposed to new activities, experiences and materials. The first week, and the weeks to follow are a time to get to know each other. It is our goal for the center to feel like a home away from home for you and your child.

What is the schedule for school age children?

To see what typically happens throughout the day click on After School section. For specific times, please contact a center in your area.

Do you serve lunch / snacks?

Depending on the center, a variety of meal and snack options include: Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack and Dinner. To read more about our meals/nutrition, click on Nutrition section.

My child has special needs / do you take children with special needs?

We believe in diversity and that having children of differing abilities in our programs makes the experience more authentic for all children and staff. If your child has a special need, please speak with the Site Supervisor prior to enrollment so that we can make sure our program is the right fit for your child and family.

Do you provide transportation to and from school to center?

Almost all of our locations are on school campuses. For the few centers located off campus, we do not transport children.

Do you have weekly summer camps?

Our summer camps are weekly and run during the weeks of your school’s summer break. Search for your local summer camp here.

Where can I find the Parent Handbook Addendum?

Please view the Revised Parent Handbook addendum here.

Do you have a Pest Management Plan?

Read more about Pest Management Plan Here.