Claymation Video Making – Gibson CDC in Woodland, CA

When our Teacher, Deo Ferrer saw the children acting out scenes with the clay characters they had created, it gave him a great idea. He could take his animation skills and turn the clay into a project where they children could make claymation from their projects. The children were really excited to film their clay stories in action. The children were in charge of making the 2×2 foot squares and backgrounds art for the video. Deo gave them step-by-step instructions and guided them through the process. They worked in groups and completed about 2 hours of stop-motion shooting for each 1 minute clip. After the video was put together music and the children voices were added in. This became a two week video project. Since our CDC kids caught the video making bug, they have since gone on to making two music videos. They have learned all aspects of video production from directing, choreography, production, lighting, costume and camera work. Looks like we have some future stars in the making!