Cardboard Challenge at Elk Grove CDI

Each October, kids worldwide participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge for Imagination’s Day of Play. Elk Grove CDI was one of our locations that participated in the Cardboard Challenge at CDC. Starting last month, our School Age kids created a KWHL chart and discussed what they knew and what they wanted to learn. The KWHL chart stands for what students Know, what they Want to know, How they will find the information and later, what they have Learned about the topic. This strategy helps students plan, implement projects and measure knowledge of the topic. They then split into groups of 3-4, chose a peer to lead the club and together they planned what they wanted to build over the next few weeks.  They began the process by drafting their designs on paper before cutting the cardboard, painting and designing their projects. On the day of the event, each group set up their project in the classroom and the younger children were invited to come and play.

They used their imagination and creativity to construct several different types of arcade games with a variety of materials such as cardboard, tape, paint, glitter, saran wrap and other items of choice to offer inside the machines as prizes. Some of the final pieces included Claw Machines and Vending Machines that held toy prizes that had been donated from homes of older children and extra goodies from summer camp. The kids got to keep the toys that they won and they are planning to do a fashion club and a sports club next! To see how our children were inspired by Caine and to learn more about the Global Cardboard Challenge, visit: